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Decide is the data-driven decision-making platform that allows B2B managers to unpack marketing, sales and product data. Make the right decisions based on data that will generate more revenue.


A decision-making platform to manage your business

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Decide AI uses AI algorithms to score your marketing campaigns, prospects and customers and display them in a centralized interface

Data management

Easily connect your data

Only a few clicks to give access to your data that is automatically streamlined and centralized for you'
Data science

AI Algorithms

Use our machine learning algorithms to enrich your collected data with weak and strong signals that cannot be determined by humans.
Data visualization

Visualize your data

Thanks to our dashboards, follow your main KPIs, explore your data and create data stories you can share with your colleagues

What people say


« Decide AI is a platform that allowed us to have a more global view of the leads generated and their behavior in our funnel. This 360 ° vision has allowed us to realize certain shortcomings, and to optimize lead generation while improving the experience of our prospects and customers. In addition, advice support has enabled us to create personalized dashboards responding to the challenges specific to our business. »

cindy roublicqCindy Roublicq - Marketing Lead Generation Manager

« Enablon is mature on digital acquisition, and that means even more complexity for the reconciliation and analysis of performance data. We had reached a limit on the analysis of our data via Google Data Studio / Google 360, Salesforce, LinkedIn and Marketo, and it was necessary for us to link all of our digital data in a platform enriched by artificial intelligence . The CDP Decide AI allows us to better understand the impact of digital on lead generation, the creation of our opportunities and on our turnover. »

julien picaudJulien Picaud - Global Senior Director of Marketing

« +152% on web prospective revenue. Thanks to Decide AI we have been able to massively increase our revenue »

marie-alix roussotteMarie-Alix Roussotte - Head of Digital
Algeco France

« -26% on digital cost per client acquisition. For the first time we have a clear view of our investment and ROI which leads us to higher income »

kevin charefKevin Charef - Head of Digital Marketing
Euler Hermes

Turn your data into actionable insights

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