AI Algorithms

Use our machine learning algorithms to enrich your collected data with low and strong signals that cannot be determined by humans.

AI Algorithms for a better business

Decide AI industrializes AI with algorithms based on big data to score prospects, marketing programs, content and customers.


Algorithms boosted by AI

Our algorithms solve actual problems that you have, are easy to activate and can be custom. Now, you can use the expertise boosted by AI. Thanks to this, your digital efforts become rewarded by an increase in business revenue with a ROI approach.
 Profil matching
People are identified within each data source
 Lead scoring
Prioritize the most valuable prospects
 Prospect scoring
Retarget specific people even if they are not identified with emails
 Content scoring
Measure the impact/ROI of your contents
 Companies potential
Choose the right companies to focus your efforts on


Fully customizable for your need

Because each business is different, your needs may not be standard. We can create custom algo for you.


The benefits of using Decide AI Algorithms


Measure the ROI of
your digital investments


Optimise the
digital investments


Increase your

Turn your data into actionable insights

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